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Life-time Needs Assessments and Opinion

CB Consulting provides industry-leading best quality gold standard assessments and reporting services, to the Legal Industry, Disability sector, Government bodies & Insurance companies. 


We specialise in completing assessment and expert future need opinions for adults and paediatric clients who have sustained simple to complex and major catastrophic injuries in the following areas :

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Cerebral Palsy/Autism/Developmental delay

  • Amputation

  • Nervous shock / psychological injuries

  • Complex upper and lower limb injuries

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

  • Burns

We are experienced in providing expert opinion in the following matters:

  • Motor Accident

  • Workers Compensation

  • Medical Negligence 

  • Compensation to Relatives


  • iCare LTCS


Each of our CB Consultants have between 15-33 years of clinical experience, and every consultant has a strong reputation in a specialty field which they continue to provide clinical services within.  This gives our consultants strong credibility as expert witnesses.


All our reports are peer-reviewed and use the latest research evidence available to validate our clinical reasoning. 


We use relevant and reliable objective measures to quantify and objectify a person’s level of impairment that underpin our clinical recommendations for future care, equipment, accommodation, and professional services.


Our accurate and realistic future care recommendations are based on our unique report methodology which considers both subjective and objective evidence, the medical evidence provided, combined with our extensive clinical experience.


All assessments take place in the client's home environment so naturalist observations and task analysis of them performing their actual day to day tasks is undertaken to guarantee the accuracy of our future needs recommendations.


CB Consulting reports are fully costed based on an aggregate rate of credible care and service providers currently available.  We have experience in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (‘NDIS’) and using the current pricing for their services. 


We complete over 200 lifetime future needs opinions per year and have proven experience appearing as an Expert Witness in court matters and Conclaves. 


CB reports are highly sought after due to the detail contained within the report, the clinical reasoning and recommendations, and our extensive clinical credibility. 

Occupational Therapy Consultancy Services

CB Consulting provide consulting services to organisations in the disability sector – including a not-for-profit provider, who offer tailored swimming lessons to children with disabilities.


We provide services to NDIS in assessing a participant’s needs and making recommendations for the upcoming plans.


CB Consulting is involved in workplace assessments and recommendations for equipment to ensure the health and safety of clerical and administrative staff.


We are experienced providers of treatment and case management services to adults and children with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, developmental disabilities including Autism and Cerebral Palsy, and all hand and upper limb injuries, through CTP, iCare, NDIS, Workers Compensation and private health insurance Schemes.

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Training and Education Workshops

CB Consulting regularly conduct training and education workshops to disability providers in aspects of management of children with developmental delays.


We provide training and education to attendant care workers providing services to adults and children with traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury.


We have experience in training Occupational Therapists in medico-legal assessment and report writing.


CB Consulting regularly presents at relevant industry conferences in aspects of future care formulation for catastrophic injuries and in our specialty areas.


We regularly train staff and other Occupational Therapists in implementing standard objective measures including scoring and interpretation of scores as a tool for accurate future need assessing.

Professional Mentoring

Anna Castle-Burton regularly provides professional mentoring to Occupational Therapists in assessment and report writing for medico-legal purposes. 


She mentors Occupational Therapists new to the Personal Injury Commission as Medical Assessors.


Anna mentors and peer-reviews all reports and intervention by her staff.


She is recognized as an effective and highly sought-after mentor due to her extensive years of clinical experience in medico-legal report writing and assessing care needs. 

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