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Expert Clinical Assessment

Gold Standard Industry Leader
In Occupational Therapy and Allied-Health Assessment, Reporting and Services

Our services within the the allied-health, legal and medical fields of injury, disability and rehabilitation include:

Expert Lifetime Needs Assessments

Occupational Therapy Consultancy Services

Training and Education Workshops



Our Experts

Anna Castle-Burton - Director

Anna is a highly sought-after Occupational Therapy expert with a strong reputation as a highly credible expert in catastrophic matters, specialising in traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. 


Her exemplary reputation has been earnt from 33 years of clinical experience in assessment, treatment, case management, of adults and children with acquired and traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury.


Anna has a proven track record as a very experienced and skilled expert witness in conclaves and court appearances in the District and Supreme Courts.

Her highly-regarded professional credibility is reflected in her select appointments as a Medical Assessor for the Personal Injury Commission and Approved Care Needs and Dispute Assessor for adults and children with Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and Burns through iCare LTCS. 


Lauren Alach

34 Years Clinical Experience

Clinical Specialty:

Catastrophic Injury

Vanessa Zweck

34 Years Clinical Experience

Clinical Specialty:

Hand and Upper Limb

Sarah Healy


7 Years Clinical Experience

Clinical Specialty:

Adult & Paediatric Disabilities

Elizabeth Shannon

34 Years Clinical Experience

Clinical Specialty:

Neurological Physiotherapy

Christine Taylor


30 Years Clinical Experience

Clinical Specialty: 

Speech Pathology

Kristen Pickles

18 Years Clinical Experience

Clinical Specialty:

Hand and Upper Limb


We Champion
Best Practice
In Everything
We Do

Core Values

At CB Consulting we champion best-practice in everything we do based on our core values
Untitled design (10).png

Care and Compassion

Untitled design (13).png

Truth, Integrity and Objectivity

Untitled design (14)_edited.png

Evidence, Knowledge and Expertise

Our Passion

We are passionate about taking the time to sit with people in their homes to provide the space needed to truly listen to each individual’s story.


We seek to really understand what’s going on for them so we can bring to light the full impact of their life disruption in a caring and balanced way that champions the value of life with both compassion and objectivity.


Our aim is to ensure the highest standards of professional assistance and support for the well-being of each individual concerned.


At times we are called upon to make binding decisions and we take our role as decision-maker seriously with the highest level of respect and integrity.


Credible. Accurate. On-Time.

We provide credible, accurate, on-time, gold standard, cost-effective services you can rely on based on our four pillar approach of:


Combined 130+ years of clinical experience and expertise providing superior quality peer review of every assessment


Taking the time to fully understand each individual’s unique story to champion their authentic needs


Comprehensive detailed assessment using subjective and objective measures, clear clinical reasoning and recommendations supported by evidence-based material


Honest, impartial, unbiased assessment and reporting​


Expertise you can depend upon

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